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About Us

G2 Company Pty Ltd was founded by Jack Gale to provide organisations with practical and quality compliance solutions to ensure that they are compliant with their Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terroism Financing (AML/CTF) obligations and the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) related compliance requirements.

Jack is a dedicated compliance professional who believes that a strong ethical corporate culture, coupled with a resilient compliance and risk framework, will greatly enhance an organisation’s long-term success.

Jack has been working in financial services since the late 1980s and has succeeded in various roles relating to derivatives broking, managing futures trading desks and prop trading. In 2012 he established an AFS licensed funds management business and in 2014, along with other colleagues, he started an affiliated company to provide financial services compliance advisory services.

He has since gained invaluable experience assisting AFS licensees with the establishment and implementation of compliance frameworks and operational procedures, to ensure they complied with the AFSL conditions, AML/CTF obligations and other regulatory requirements.

Our clients include both small and large domestic and international companies which provide financial services across a broad range of industry sectors such as, investment management, money transfers, financial advice, broking, crypto currencies, payment facilities, market making and proprietary trading.

Jack Gale, Founder & Director

  • Diploma at Law, LPAB Sydney University 1994
  • Diploma Financial Services, AFMA 2005
  • LPAB refresher, Sydney University 2015